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Curriculum VitaeArtist Statement
I would like to thank, acknowledge, and honour all the people that make my small business possible.
I could not do it without the help of my children. My eldest daughter, Helen Pleavin, looks after my books, helps at the different art shows, and is always there to think with me and give me that other perspective. My son, Jonas, helps ever so often at the studio, and my youngest, Simone, is my trusted editor. They give me their time freely and I do not know what I would do without them.
Courtenay Pitcher, from Lava Marketing, is responsible for my new website. She and her team have the task to turn my site into a slick and professional format that is now connected to e-commerce, which in our case is woo-commerce. I hired her to have more time at the studio.

My name is Annemarie Fux and I grew up in the midst of the Swiss Alps. In 1980 I came to live in Canada. My first home was in Valemount, BC, right between the Cariboo Range and the Rocky Mountains. A beautiful place I still long for. From 1988 – 2010 Vernon, BC became home, then I moved to Kelowna, BC in 2011.

After earning my BFA from OUC, where I majored in sculpture, I continued my studies with two glass artists. To convey what I like to express with my art I am continuously learning in and experimenting.In January 2011 I opened an Art Glass Studio in West Kelowna, which is my pride and joy. Please come visit and enjoy all that beautiful fused glass work. The colors, forms and shapes are all new. Everything is created with much joy and I am busy not only to create functional art, but also art.

Now being very engaged in my work at the studio friends are asking if I still do healing work. The short answer is yes.

The conflict between fine art and healing art, which I felt for many years is no longer. I do both when called for. After all I took many courses and workshops to understand how energy moves and how I can influence it.
My first introduction to energy work was Reiki, followed by the teachings of the Flower of Life, Matrix Energetics and divination. There are many paths that connect us to the universal life force also known as the universal field, the matrix.
Shamans access the universal field and get information from the ‘other side’ through an altered state of consciousness. In 2000 I attended a shaman workshop by Michael Harner in Seattle. He is the founder of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS) and author of the ‘Shaman’s Way’. In this workshop I experienced ‘the other side’ as real as this side. It was truly a life changing experience and I continued to learn more by walking the path.

03. Reviews

Precious memory made of glass

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This past summer we celebrated a 60th birthday by spending five days in Kelowna and filling them with wonderful activities and new experiences. On our list of 60 things to do was create an art piece. After doing a little research I decided on fused glass with Annemarie. None of us had done it before and with Annemarie’s patience and instruction, we all created a beautiful memory of a special event. Personally I am hooked! I can’t wait to return and learn more about fused glass and create more glass art. Thank you Annemarie!

First time working with glass

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I visited Annemarie's studio last summer when I was travelling through Kelowna and created my very first glass dish. I had never worked with glass before and she was an excellent teacher. It was totally hands on: you do all your own cutting and shaping, you get to choose whatever colours and different types of glass that you want, you get to be totally free and Annemarie helps you if you get stuck or can't decide what to do next. I created a 10" plate that I have displayed in my window. I love how the light shines through it and I can't wait to go back next time I am in the Okanagan. My next plate will be even more experimental! Thank you Annemarie!