Studio Time

Come and join our Glass Bug Club! Which is not really a club. All it is that there are some people that come to my studio to work on their project(s). Present and former students book STUDIO TIME to work at the studio, fire their creations in the studio kilns, and are able to use tools such as the wet belt sander, the wet saw, sandblaster etc.

You qualify for studio time if you can work independently:

If you need instructions then take some workshops first.

Studio Time is $ 45.00 a day
Studio time is available by appointment

Benefits to be part of the ‘Studio- time- Club:

  • You can buy your glass 10”x10” or larger
  • You can buy ready made buttons and decorative elements (like bent stringers and wafers) to include into your work
  • You get some one-on-one instruction and feedback on your work
  • As a regular to studio time you can include your glass order with my yearly glass order and get a discount.
  • Each May we have a Studio Tour, organized by ‘Frayed and Feathered’ a group of Lake Country and Ellison artists. This is an opportunity to showcase your work.

03. Reviews

First time working with glass

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I visited Annemarie's studio last summer when I was travelling through Kelowna and created my very first glass dish. I had never worked with glass before and she was an excellent teacher. It was totally hands on: you do all your own cutting and shaping, you get to choose whatever colours and different types of glass that you want, you get to be totally free and Annemarie helps you if you get stuck or can't decide what to do next. I created a 10" plate that I have displayed in my window. I love how the light shines through it and I can't wait to go back next time I am in the Okanagan. My next plate will be even more experimental! Thank you Annemarie!

Inner Artist

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Annemarie, thank you for teaching me how to bring out my inner artist. You are so patient and kind and I always enjoy being in your shop and creating my tiny pieces of fused glass jewellery. I like how I get to use tools. This is a new thing for me and it's really quite fun. There is so much more to your studio than just fusing glass. It's like learning to be a little bit handy too. I look forward to the next session.