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Lots of questions to ask when considering a website for your business, no matter what size of business you own!

  • Are you looking for a small website, a custom site, something you can look after yourself, other web development, social media, other marketing help?
    If the answer is YES to ANY of those questions, contact Affordable Web Design Ltd
  • Are all web designers alike?
    No they are not. A lot of people who call themselves web designers only use premade template designs and don't do much more than "fill in the blanks" in the predesigned template. However they will often charge a lot more than the professionals at Affordable Web Design Ltd, who will create a custom website just for you - we don't believe in "cookie-cutter" designs! Our designs are simple and straightforward, easy to navigate and incorporate everything necessary to attract potential customers to your website!
  • Why do a lot of web designers push their clients towards template designs, such as Wordpress or other template sites, when the client doesn't need or want to look after their own website themselves, or may simply not have the computer "savvy" to be able to self-maintain their web pages?
    Again it comes down to the fact that it's much easier just to follow a premade template and "fill in the blanks" than to create something from scratch, based on the customer's exact wants and needs. Although we at Affordable Web Design Ltd will of course create a site using Wordpress when requested to do so by the client, we highly recommend customized designs for the majority of small businesses, where we put in as many of the published SEO parameters as possible in order to help our clients rank highly in internet searches.

Different types of websites offered by Affordable Web Design Ltd.

Small to large businesses have different needs and budgets. In order to accommodate every type of business, professional website designer Affordable Web Design Ltd offers four levels of websites: Basic Starter websites, Business/Campaign style with Content Management System, Fully Customized designs featuring attractive layouts and visuals based on your own needs, and our Custom + Content Management designs to allow our clients to look after their own websites yet still have a great customized look, rather than a one-size-fits-all templated look.

All our designs, from our starter sites to our highest-end sites, are all mobile friendly and incorporate modern "responsive design" coding which allows them to move around and accommodate all sizes of devices.

Not sure what to put into your website? Don't worry - we will guide you every step of the way so that you will understand what to put into your pages!


5-page starter sites are template-based designs which give your small business an "online brochure" style of web presence.

This entry level 4-5 page starter is perfect as a virtual online brochure that we design for you based on information about your business. The $649.99 cost includes your first full year of hosting on our servers, a $120 value. Great for the candidate running for Council this October!


6-page sites are great for small business and for candidates in an election with limited budgets.

Our Business Basic Plus allows you to look after your content yourself after we have designed your small website. The $999.99 cost includes your first full year of hosting on our servers, a $120 value. Also great for the candidate wanting to upkeep his or her website!


Affordable Web Design offers custom websites and interactive functions based on your needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution

This is our most popular type and price point of website. Starting at $1800 + tax and based on about 10-12 pages, these fully customized designs are designed just for you. Build on this base and add more pages, or a store or any other online functions you need!


This option adds an easy-to-use content management system and Photo Gallery to our basic custom design. At $2499.99, it's a great value. We give you a superb, mobile-friendly 10-12 page design just for you, and you can maintain it yourself once we're done. Super for candidates too!

Check out our many services. Click on the boxes to read more about each individual service and we look forward to you contacting us! Please note that all estimated costs are plus applicable taxes, depending on location of customer.


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